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SOULE Magazine interviews
Author & Publisher Eddie S Pierce Jr 

Thank you Soule Magazine and Shadajah Costin for this amazing opportunity.

Visit www.soule.lgbt to read the full article.

Partying at NYLO with the cast of "LOVE: Something Infinite" & "LOVE: From Behind" 

The handsome and awesomely talented photography team and cover models of  "LOVE: Something Infinite" & "LOVE: From Behind" join Rainbow Room Publishing Author & Publisher Eddie S. Pierce Jr. for a night under the stars at NYLO South Dallas' rooftop bar.

Friday, February 10th, 2017



LOVE Changes 2.0

“They all scream when Mr. Black Satin takes the stage. And when he plays the sax? Ah man the crowds can’t get enough! I have come a long way from being that guy who only had a saxophone and a dream and I am truly grateful but what I really want is that someone who will be there when the fans go silent. Someone who is crazy about plain ole Rodney. Someone willing to bet it all on black...” - Rodney

Rodney has always been a man who takes chances and goes after what he wants. When “the double dipped chocolate Adonis” sees what he wants be it fame or love it is a sure bet that he will get it. Following the events of Love: Something Infinite and Love: From Behind Rodney blew Seron away with a surprise proposal but what happens when Mr. Black Satin makes one gamble too many?


"So Saxual" - Sound Check - Ray Silkman

Produced by Silkscreen Productions



LOVE Changes 1.0

Pierce is back with a collection of four short story ebooks featuring characters readers have come to know and love in "Love Changes." 

"I've been thinking too much lately. Thinking about time and how love changes. How things could have been. The mistakes I've made. I feel stuck in the past. I hate feeling stuck! Gotta move on, but before I can do that I have to fix the past?" Calvin Jacobs

Following the events of Love: Something Infinite "fan favorite" Calvin makes a comeback winning his bout with cancer but can he overcome the stirring of memories, and old emotions brought on by the announcement of Seron's engagement? Can Calvin live with his decision to separate from Seron because of the latter's HIV status? Will Calvin reclaim the lover he turned away before Seron makes it down the aisle? 

"Love Changes 1.0 is a searing meditation on heartbreak and healing. Pierce's third effort is definitely the charm." -James Earl Hardy, Author of the Bestselling B Boy Blues Series


LOVE: From Behind

“Let’s get one thing straight up front. I AM NOT SERON! My name is Lee. I am a different kind of man, but a man nonetheless. I know what you thinking after reading the things Seron said about me. Yes, I like sex. I mean, I’m awesome at it and haven’t had any complaints so why not have as much as I can? Besides, I’m an educated, working black man with my own place. I have a job and pay my taxes. Family values? My mama and family are taken care of. God? I love me some Jesus and He loves me and that is all you need to know! Love? Look, I did that whole thing. Nope, it didn’t end great but I’m cool. I don’t need to try that again. Scared? Naw, I’m not scared. Honestly, there’s nobody I’m feeling anyway. Well, there is one guy but, that’s a long story. Regardless, I’m the type of guy that is always on the move and the only way that love stuff will catch me again is from behind.”

"Craving U" - The Heat
Produced by Kai Alexander


LOVE: Something Infinite 


Seron (the central character), receives a message that a former love interest, Calvin is deathly ill and returns to the home and past from which he had fled seven plus years earlier. Over the course of a 3 day weekend he reacquaints himself with his family and friends in his hometown of Chicago. Seron repeatedly puts off visiting Calvin in the hospital,the primary reason for his visit, mostly because Seron fears that he has infected Calvin with HIV.  The familiar faces and scenery forces him to finally address internal feelings of insecurity regarding his homosexuality, HIV positive status and mixed results with romantic relationships. In the end Seron begins a long overdue process of healing and self acceptance.


Love:Something Infinite is a work of fiction which borrows situations and scenery from my experiences and aspirations. The characters are parodies, composites and/or archetypes inspired by real life counterparts. Following after the tradition of works by bestselling authors such as James Baldwin, E Lynn Harris and James Earl Hardy this novel attempts to effectively illustrate lesser explored expressions of romantic love, loss, and self acceptance. In addition several original works of poetry have been inserted intermediately; adding further emotional emphasis to several key points of the narrative. Finally and perhaps most importantly this novel adds to the voices of the HIV/AIDs infected and affected for the purposes of further informing the public about the emotional implications involved in this epidemic and dispelling the common misconception that such a diagnosis is a “death sentence.”


Eddie S. Pierce


"So Saxual" - Sound Check - Ray Silkman

Produced by Silkscreen Productions


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