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Quotes So I recently finished reading both of your books and I have to say that I LOVE THEM !!!! The main thing I love about each of your characters and the things they go through is that you can in your own way relate to them and understand how they feel. the dialogue is great in your books !!! I can't wait till you release more material !! Quotes
Chris Wimbley

Quotes Eddie S. Pierce is a masterfully creative man. His first self-published work "Love: Something Infinite" is a phenomenal read. Somehow Eddie S. Pierce manages to explore the universal journey to self-acceptance in only 121 pages. I recommend anyone to read the book and keep a look out for his 2nd book due to be released in summer 2013, ?Love: From Behind?. Eddie is definitely a strong voice for his generation. Quotes
Yvonne M Winbush

Quotes Just finished it. Love it! It's funny and thoughtful, a cool mix of lovely prose and "real people talk." I really liked the dialogues...that's your best thing, I think! And also: Hamburger Mary's! Love that place! I didn't know the Prop House was a gay bar...is the Generator still open? I can't believe you didn't give the Jeffrey Pub a shout out! HeeHee. : ) Looking forward to the next one! Quotes
Rabid Reader

Quotes #1-Sean #2-?I just? can?t do this anymore.? #3-702-665-4459 Quotes
Jeleania Fields
Great reading!

Quotes While reading the excerpt made me more anxious to read this awesome book. It's been a longtime since I read a piece that was hard to put down. The author is an interesting man. I can't wait until his next book comes out and look forward to sharing it with friends and family. Quotes
Marion F. Coolidge

Quotes Quite a profound and timely work from an exceptional author. His story read like pages from my own experiences. Quotes
Gheri Y. Headley
Arachnid Entertainmemnt