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LOVE Changes - Paperback

$20.00 $25.00

LOVE Changes

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“Seron makes the choice between love and his dreams, but has he counted the cost?”

Find out in the conclusion of the mini-series LOVE Changes a trade paperback collection of four short stories following characters readers have come to know and love from LOVE: Something Infinite, and LOVE: From Behind including; “Calvin,” his first love, “Rodney,” the love of his life, “Shereè,” the sister of his heart, and the dreamer, the writer himself, “Seron.”

Autographed Trade Paperback Available only at our website

$30 at plus shipping and handling

Photographer/Creative Director: Darren Calhoun (Darren Calhoun Photography)

Makeup Artist: Erika Alease Smith (Beauty Brains N Body)

Cover Model: David Jamiel Grocesley III

Graphic Artist: Whitney Napoleon (Napoleon Design)

Original Musical Arrangement

Ray Silkman & Silkscreen Productions

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