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- 10 detailed steps for the production, publication, and promotion of your book

- worksheets to document your action steps

- personal accountability contract to reinforce your commitment to publishing your book

- free and paid recommended services to produce, publish and promote your book.

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"My best, most honest advice is to finish your manuscript (before or after editing) before reading further. In my experience, the creative/writing process is most difficult when I get too preoccupied with any number of “business-related” questions... Presumably, your end goal is to sell and share as many copies of your work as possible but how do you get the word out? How do youAuthor & Publisher actively (and passively) share and sell it? My aim with this work is to present practical steps, tips, and strategies in a concise and easily digestible manner."

- Eddie S Pierce Jr. 

"Passing" - Eddie S. Pierce Jr

Encyclopedia of Identity vol 2


“Passing” is the act of deception in which individuals utilize their inherent appearance and or learned ability in the pretense of infiltrating a socioeconomic and/or an ethnic population to which they do not belong but are assumed to be a part. Historically the connotation is usually in reference to the fair-skinned African American individuals who purposely misrepresent themselves to the public as Caucasian. Although rare, there are cases where this definition does apply to other social and ethnic groups who also conceal or abandon their true identity in order to assume another...

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