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Eddie S. Pierce is a Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree recipient from Chicago State University, home of the world renowned Gwendolyn Brooks Writing Center and host of the annual Gwendolyn Brooks Writer’s Conference. Mr. Pierce considers himself to be primarily a fiction and prose writer but was afforded the opportunity to be published in 95Notes Literary Magazine for poetry and Sage Publishing’s Encyclopedia of Identity for an article on the phenomena of “Passing.” On Saturday, November 12, 2011 Pierce released his first self-published work, Love: Something Infinite and simultaneously launched Rainbow Room Publishing. His second self-published novel, Love: From Behind, followed on Sunday June 30, 2013. LOVE Changes, the third novel in the series and the Rainbow Room Publishing Guide are the author's most recent publications both published in 2018. In addition to producing more titles and pursuing numerous other literary and artistic ventures, Pierce is currently overseeing the company's numerous publishing services and expanding the companies offerings in an effort to provide more opportunities for new authors and professionals in the creative arts. Eddie is a native of Chicago, IL.

Mission Objectives:

- Promoting Literacy

- Increasing HIV/AIDs Awareness & Advocacy

- Advancing Human Rights

- Supporting Small Businesses 

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Eddie S. Pierce Jr.

Founder, Publisher, Author.


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