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MIRACLES: A Prodigal Child of God

“I’m writing this book to share my testimony and the miracles I’ve experienced over my lifetime. There have been many circumstances I had to face in my life, as far as my sexuality, my stress, anxieties, my physical ailments, and so much more. This miracle-type lifestyle, going through trials of addiction and heartbreak, has made me wiser and more spiritually stronger. As you read, you will see that I’ve come from being a very weak person known to have doubt and fear. You will see how I grew up with no parents while living with various family and friends, always searching for love and companionship, creating a life full of fear, doubt, and worry.

I made it through, but it was very difficult. I think because I had people with me. I know I am a Christian, and God was by my side during all those years. I know that there is a thing called the Holy Spirit that kept me safe and alive!

I want to share my life experiences with others in the hope that they may have a better understanding of themselves, especially if they are experiencing any issues similar to those I have and continue to face.

My hope and prayers are for you: to have a sincere belief, faith, and trust in God,

to keep Him in your heart through every trial and tribulation that comes in your lifetime.

You can overcome low self-esteem, fear, worry, sickness, sadness, shame, and all negative feelings by trusting and believing that Jesus is your Lord and savior, not man.

God shows us with His Word (The Bible) that He (as God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit) does perform miracles to save His people. Jesus Christ can also save you if you believe and allow Him in your heart.

(John 2:1-11 John 4:46-54 John 5:1-15)

You can also receive blessings just as the Prodigal Son did.

(Luke 15: 11-32)

This book is for anyone not feeling accepted by others in this world where judgment and criticism strongly exist, especially if you are poor, African American, or LGBTQA+. The lesson is for all to learn acceptance in our ever-changing society.”

A Prodigal Child of God,

Ronnie Smith

Autographed Trade Paperback only from the author $20 plus $5 S&H.

$25 at plus shipping and handling 




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