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From the Author and Publisher,

"This collection of poetry and affirmations will take you on a journey through life, love, spirituality, culture, and consciousness. The themes explored will touch upon the common experiences that we all have had that connect us through the collective unconscious. As you read these poems, not only will you have a glimpse into the life and mind of Healing, but you will find nuggets that will inspire you to expand your mind, heart, and soul to new levels of consciousness."

- X. Healing

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"Southern Comfort"
- Eddie S. Pierce Jr.

95Notes Literary Magazine

"It begins, at the neck

An ivory spread from

here to Texas

Brewed, blended to perfection

with pleasant politeness

200 percent proof grain

fermented to sensuous satisfaction

The beauty of the

Carolinas personified

Southern hospitality

given liquid form

Chocolate ambrosia

fueling the heart’s fire

Dark nectar

soothing the soul with ease..."