Rainbow Room Publishing, LLC

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Rainbow Room Publishing offers a host of paid services to publish your works of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry and Visual Art. 

Pricing subject to the nature, length and scope of your project. 

* indicates a service or process contracted out to our trusted partners.


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A professional Ghostwriter to compile your written, recorded and dictated notes into a completed manuscript.

Writing Coach*

One on one coaching with a professional writing coach to assist in the completion of your manuscript




-polishing and refining your work of art. Includes editor's feedback and marked changes within your returned edited manuscript 



- registration of your copyedited work with the Library of Congress to protect your rights of ownership and authorship

- generation of barcode with ISBN in preparation to sell your work through book retailers including online merchants

Visit the U.S. Copyright Office to learn more about Registering a Literary Work

Interior Book Layout*

- conversion of your word processed manuscript into a print ready document complete with resizing, repagination and related formatting in relation to your physical book's dimensions

e-book Conversation*

- conversion of your word processed document in an epub and Amazon Kindle format for sell and distribution through electronic merchants including Amazon.com, Google play, and others

-Readable on portable electronic devices

Graphic Design*

- submit your purchased, self-styled, royalty free graphics, author and cover photography to our Graphic Art and Design Team who will create your hardcover dust jacket, wrap around paperback cover and front cover for e-books 

Printing and Distribution 

Printing/Print On-demand

- setting up your book for bulk printing as well as various print on-demand options according to your budget

Distribution & e-merchant Set up 

- setting up your book and e-book for sell via RRP LLC website and e-merchant book sellers such as Amazon, lulu.com,


Marketing and Promotion

- designing video campaigns for internet promotion of your book
Long Book Video Trailer 60 sec and Short Book Video Trailer 15-30 sec spot                                                     
- promotion on RRP Website and all RRP social media outlets                                                                  
- designing printable promotional materials     
  (book marks, promo cards, etc) plus printing and shipping

- tailored book club package including discussion question prompts and icebreakers additional printed promotional materials. 

-tailored public reading package including drafted public reading piece

- written press releases announcing the release and sale of your book

- literary agent services including soliciting professional reviews and the inclusion of your book in print and digital media outlets


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RRP Sample e-book

Sample Paperback Book Cover

Sample Book Listing

Sample Book Video Trailer

Sample Press Release