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“Every girl has that one man… that one love. I’m no different from any girl in that regard but love comes and goes and I don’t have time for that. I don’t go all in for the pink, frilly pretty princess life. Don’t get me wrong. I like excitement especially that I map out but love… That’s more my brother Seron’s thing. I like things a bit more… stable… more in my control. Love comes and goes. It’s just too changeable to be real to me. I have nothing against hopeless romantics like Seron and Rodney but good friends like Lee are more my speed.” – Shereé

“I have been blessed to create characters to which my readers’ feel connected. It was a great personal accomplishment to hear people talk to me about Seron, but I was most gratified when people asked about Calvin, Rodney, Lee and a number of other characters as if they were real. I found myself asking who these characters are. What are their stories? As I write this series I am getting to know and thus reveal these characters. As I considered the line up in the reality I seek to create I noticed a huge over sight. Where is the female point of view? That was what inspired Shereé’s introduction in Love: From Behind. I have been blessed to have a number of strong female presences in my life but that was lacking in this series. Shereé, for me by far is the most interesting female character for a number of reasons. I literally found myself saying I want to meet this down ass, ride or die chick that leaves Lee in her dust. I hope I did her story justice and that Shereé proves as memorable as the rest of this colorful cast.” – Eddie S. Pierce Jr.

eBook; $2.99, ISBN: 978-0-9915531-2-9


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